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Jocktastic! Top 10 schools where sports rule

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

While many of the schools on this list are football havens, UNC – Chapel Hill shines most brightly when it comes to a different sport: “When I tell people I go to UNC, they immediately ask if I go to the basketball games.” “UNC is all about basketball. Tickets are hard to get. The entire town is consumed with our basketball teams, with (peaceful) riots on Franklin Street after our big victories. The UNC-Duke rivalry is arguably the most intense rivalry in the nation, and watching the game anywhere in Chapel Hill is an incredible experience.” “Carolina basketball is to live for! It is amazing to get to go to the games for free as a student (or, for the fee your parents play…” While “all athletic events are wildly popular on campus,” and “intramural sports also get some love,” when it comes down to it, “at UNC, basketball reigns supreme.”