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Jocktastic! Top 10 schools where sports rule

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Ohio State University

Ohio State University

“How can you come to Ohio State and not be a fan of our football team, the Buckeyes? I bet there are a lot of people who came here just for the Buckeyes, shallow as that is. But look at the bigger picture—people come here because they want to be known as Buckeyes, they want to be known as being part of the school with the best damn band and the best damn football team in the land.” One student says: “Football season here has students pouring themselves into all kinds of football traditions. Everything from jumping in Mirror Lake to yelling ‘O-H! I-O!” at each other around campus.” “Academics are sorta secondary at OSU. They come after sports.” Another student agrees: “A lot of people here have sports superiority complexes. If you don’t like football, prepare to be ridiculed.” “Even if you aren’t a sport fan, chances are you will still enjoy a great game of Buckeye football at OSU.”