Making the Hard Choices in College

By Features Editor

Marvanna Avery-Cash, a film production/creative writing major at Lawrence University, asked students and staff to speak about the experiences outside of the classroom that have shaped their lives at college.


We asked undergrads to share their advice for getting the most out of college. Here's what they said:

"The RAs (Resident Assistants) on your floor are usually students too. They have received extensive training to assist you with adjusting to college life, serve as a source of information, and provide opportunities to make the most out of your residence hall experience. If you have a question, ask them; if you have a problem, tell them; if you have a suggestion, give it. Too many residents do not fully utilize the staff within their residence hall because they feel awkward asking for help or stating a concern."

- David, Ohio University

"One thing that is really important in college that I don’t think I took enough advantage of is developing close relationships with professors. Professors are very willing to help you with almost anything, including editing your papers, helping you get internships and eventually coaching you in your job search. It’s not a necessity—you can definitely get by in college without ever visiting a professor at his or her office hours—but professors are really valuable resources that you should take advantage of."

- Laura, Ithaca College

"Don’t hole up in your dorm and not join any clubs and then complain that your campus is boring. If you’re not doing anything, that’s probably the reason why you think the campus is boring. You’re gonna have a good time if you try out a couple of clubs or go to some college parties. Even if you don’t like the club or the party is lame, there’s always something else around the corner."

- Ashley, Georgian Court University

Laura Denbow, executive director of alumni relations and career services at Bucknell University, explains how students can make decisions in college that will serve them well later in life.