March Newsletter for College Students

By Explore Editor

Dear College Students,

Thanks to everyone who participated in our intro video promo last month. We had a lot of really great submissions. Don’t forget that profiles with intro videos show up first in search results. So if you haven’t yet created one, make sure to do that now. Creating an intro video is easy. Just record using your webcam or smartphone and then click “Upload Intro Video,” located under “My Settings” in your Unigo Profile. The best videos serve as lively, fun introductions of yourself, so that high school students will be excited to book a chat with you.

This month, high school seniors will finally be receiving those letters of acceptance (and rejection) in the mail. Some will be dancing with excitement after getting into their dream school, while many will be left with the difficult task of deciding between a list of schools. On top of that, students are going to be scrambling to renegotiate financial aid packages in order to make sure they’re getting as much money as possible to help pay their way.

So where do you fit in?

Seniors who are considering your school as their new home have probably already had a tour, and they’ve definitely visited the school’s official website, so they’re going to want to get the inside scoop. If a senior books a session with you this month, make sure to give him or her information they wouldn’t get from a tour guide. Where do you hang out? What are your favorite classes? What do you like best about the school? What are some things you don’t particularly like about the school? Any experience you have with the financial aid process could also be a big help for students interested in attending your school, so make sure to bring that up in a session, and even emphasize it in your intro video.

We expect that March will be a big month for Unigo, so make sure you’re ready to help seniors get the information they need about your school.

And if you have any questions, shoot us a line at We’d love to hear from you.