March Newsletter for Counselors

By Explore Editor

Dear Counselors,

Thanks to everyone who participated in our intro video promo last month. We had a lot of really great submissions. Don’t forget that profiles with intro videos show up first in search results. So if you haven’t yet created one, make sure to do that now. Creating an intro video is easy. Just record using your webcam or smartphone and then click “Upload Intro Video,” located under “My Settings” in your Unigo Profile. The best intro videos serve as lively, friendly introductions of yourself, so that high school students are excited to book a session with you.

As we all know, high school seniors will be receiving their letters of acceptance (and rejection) this month, and one of the biggest concerns for students during this time is making sure they are getting as much financial aid as possible. We’re thrilled to see our network of top financial aid counselors from around the country, helping students maximize their financial aid packages – and offering best practices on when and how to contact the school’s financial aid office, what to ask, and where to find additional funds to help pay for school.

Also, it’s important to let students know about recent changes in the financial aid landscape. Congress passed its 2012 appropriation legislation at the tail end of 2011 and there were two significant changes that students should be aware of: 1.) Students are now only eligible to receive money through a Pell grant for six years of schooling instead of the previous nine, and 2.) Traditionally, graduates have six months after college before they have to start paying off their student loans, but, at least for the next year, students will have to start paying those loans off immediately after graduation. These changes won’t affect incoming freshman until they graduate, but it might be a good idea to give them a heads up during sessions this month if you’re discussing financial aid issues.

We expect that March will be a big month for Unigo, so make sure you’re ready to help seniors get the most money possible in their financial aid package, along with the information they’ll need to stay afloat financially during the next four years.

And if you have any questions, shoot us a line at We’d love to hear from you.