Miami Dade College or MDC, is the most amazing community college in Florida.It operates eight campuses and various outreach centers located throughout Miami-Dade County. It is also a true melting pot and if you are a social person, it a great place to meet people, to learn and to share cultures. The MDC's Honors College is a representation of the most academically-gifted students in different fields and every year MDC students stransfer in differents prestigious institutions such as Columbia University, Brown University, Williams College, University of Florida, Yale University, Georgetown University, and Cornell University. We have many great clubs such as SGG, Phi Theta Kappa, and different oranizations available for all. The professors and the people at the office are very polite and always willing to help you. With intramurals games, free foods and free tutoring , MDC is a great place to start your college life.