MTV College Life

MTV College Life

By Jessica Gross And Irene Starygina

Can’t get enough college? MTV’s College Life—premiering Monday, April 13—follows eight students’ drama-filled college experiences, promising to broadcast the truth about sex, drinking, friendships, dating and more in college. The freshmen and sophomores, all enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, get control of the cameras, so, according to MTV, “the emotions are raw and the stories are real because without camera crews, directors or scripts, all that's left is an uncensored look at College Life.”

So says MTV. But we want to know what actual college students think of College Life. Is it great? Does it suck? And is this what college is really like? And, yeah—they’ll have cameras, too.

“This isn’t reality television, this is real,” MTV’s website quips. That’s for our campus reps to decide. Throughout MTV College Life’s season, we’ll post text and video reviews of the show from students across the country on

Meet the MTV College Life Reviewers

undefinedKim Ciesla, Rowan University Class of 2011, Public Relations major - "There is the possibility that this could be a show filled with unrealistic expectations. Yes, there are such things as tipsy Tuesdays, wasted Wednesdays, thirsty Thursdays, f*cked up Fridays, etc. but the main reason why most people go to college is to get somewhere in life."



feliciaheadshotFelicia Compain, Georgian Court University Class of 2009, Communications/Public Relations major - "Since they are letting the students do their own filming, I think that College Life will be more "real" than MTV's other reality shows. I wish there were more upperclassmen though, not just freshmen."




undefinedKevin Duck, Wake Forest University Class of 2009, Economics and German double major: "I see a little bit of myself in the guys from the trailer: cheerily foolish and masking any inhibitions with a laid-back demeanor and a couple drinks. But then I step back and realize that what this show is probably going to do is perpetuate the stupid meathead stereotypes that kids buy into, especially the ever-impressionable freshman."



rebecca headshotRebecca May, University of Missouri - Columbia Class of 2012, Journalism major - "I think that the show will be interesting because it is suppose to be "real" instead of reality TV, however, I wouldn't be surprised if there was an underlying script or dialogue that the producers gave to each student telling them how their days should go."




Hannah McDonald-Moniz, Princeton University Class of 2010, French & Italian major - "it’s no coincidence that all of the kids on the show are doing something scandalous.  Where’s the girl in the library on Friday night?  Oh right, ratings…  But some of those party scenes and “oh no, I’m screwed” moments look familiar."



undefinedJustine Schiele, Santa Clara University Class of 2010, English and Communication double major - "After watching the trailer, the show seems on point with issues that college students deal with daily: figuring out school work, partying, relationships (or causal hook-ups), and generally living life away from home."



undefinedErin Sperling, University of Arizona Class of 2009, Political Science and Creative Writing double major - "These freshmen pick and choose what to tape, and everyone around will know they are being filmed.  It’s probably going to be more realistic than most shows, but when was the last time you acted the same on camera as you do off?  Especially if your mom might see it?  While she’s giving you money?!"


bengearyBenjamin Geary, Beloit College Class of 2009, Creative Writing major - "Note the editing: Andrea’s intro is her V-Card, Alex’s is her academic scholarship, Kevin promises he’ll pass his classes, and Jordan’s really psyched about his parents not being around. Sounds like MTV gold to me."


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