MTV College Life - Season Finale

MTV College Life

By Irene Starygina

The last episode of MTV's College Life was an hour long, which meant twice the tears. Kevin finally got the hang of not failing, but his accomplishments in the classroom were overshadowed by his rude treatment of Mindy, his spring break sugar mama. After being her parents' doormat for too long, Lindsay proved that this is an intern's ecomony, and is spending the summer in New York City. As for Josh and Andrea, there was a surprise post-stripper ending. Hint to the guys: perseverance pays off. And Jordan...he's still forgettable. Maybe he should've made an effort and carried his camera around like the rest of the cast. Check out what our college bloggers think of College Life's ending, and visit for complete reviews of the season finale.

MTV College Life: Episode 8 - Our Bloggers Weigh In

"A few quick tidbits on whether or not MTV’s College Life is true to the real experience, and more on Josh’s insanity" - Erin Sperling from the University of Arizona.

"Andrea thinks she’s Adriana Lima but doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Josh doesn’t think much of anything except about his obsession with Andrea, and that's why I think THEY’VE ALREADY HAD SEX." - Felicia Compian from Georgian Court University.
"Saying goodbye can be bittersweet. In this case, it’s hello New York for Lindsay and goodbye tension between Josh and Andrea" - Kimberly Ciesla from Rowan University.

ashley singh headshotAshley Singh, Georgian Court University Class of 2009, Communications/Public Relations major - "KEVIN—what a low-life thing you did by leading Mindy on like that. Mindy was a little weird for thinking that you would be more than spring break friends, though. OMG, Kevin, 1.7 to a 3.4? That’s crazy. But you’re a typical guy and I still don’t like you."




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