MTV College Life Episode 3 - Halloween and The New Girl

By Irene Starygina

Episode three is set around Halloween, a holiday that on college campuses is typically associated with girls in skimpy costumes. Kevin, however, dresses up as a bloody tampon and still manages to get some action. With Alex pretty much out of the picture, a new cast member, Lindsay, picks up the camera and finds herself sexiled by a roommate. Our campus bloggers seem just at frustrated with Andrea's relationship with Josh as her roommate is, and sympathize with Jordan's mom, who we find out makes necklaces to pay his tuition. Read full reviews of College Life episode three on

MTV College Life: Episode 3 - College Blogger Opinions

Erin Sperling, a University of Arizona senior, is glad to see Kevin get called out for sleeping around on a (now defunct) college gossip website:

And our own Kevin, a senior at Wake Forest University, thinks that College Life Kevin's womanizing ways will eventually catch up to him. As for Jordan, he needs to stop being so lethargic:


bengearyBenjamin Geary, Beloit College Class of 2009, Creative Writing major - "I’m excited that Lindsay showed up. Or I was. She seemed reasonable, flippant, sensible (actually doing some homework, woah) and, it was agreed, is all the cuter for it. Then she started to tweak. I’m getting frustrated with College Life. I want to watch someone rise out of their self-dug hole. I want to see someone get a B." Read more... 

Lindsay, the bubbly blonde who is forced to practically live in the library becasue her roommate's boyfriend invaded her dorm room, is met with a mixed reaction:

aajustineboatJustine Schiele, Santa Clara University Class of 2010, English and Communication double major - "Who isn’t bothered by their roommate once in a while? For a lot of people, college dorms are the first places where they have had to share a room, let alone a bathroom. And yes, I understand that the boyfriend thing is annoying, but I don’t think it deserved an entire episode. Her passive-aggressiveness with the note might get her into trouble later, but we’ll see." Read more... 


aahannahnewHannah McDonald-Moniz, Princeton University Class of 2010, French and Italian major – "Lindsay, the new girl, seems pretty awesome. I like her attitude and her honesty so far, although who else wants to bet that she breaks her own rules sometime soon." And what did Hannah think of Kevin's new vow of celibacy? "The look on his face is priceless when he says, “I don’t want to have sex,” and it’s obvious he’s trying to wrap his mind around how this could ever be a true statement." Read more... 

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