MTV College Life Episode 4 - Retribution


By Irene Starygina

Audience frustration with recurring relationship problems and the slacker attitude of the cast has been building over the past three episodes. The latest installment of College Life delivered exactly what many at home were hoping for—a lesson that what goes around comes around. Josh finally decides to grow a pair and realizes that there are other fish in the sea besides Andrea, and Kevin finally gets kicked out of his dorm room for treating it like a club (probably to the delight of his mousy roommate). Of course, he couldn't leave without first slurping beer off the floor. Read full reviews of College Life episode four on

MTV College Life: Episode 4 - College Blogger Opinions

Felicia Compian, a Georgian Court University senior, has had it with Kevin, especially after he acted all "reformed" when she interviewed him:


Kim Ciesla, Rowan University Class of 2011, thinks that Josh is trying too hard to make Andrea jealous. Still, it might work:

Hannah McDonald-MonizHannah McDonald-Moniz, Princeton University Class of 2010, French and Italian major - "Andrea’s roommate Erica’s reaction seems a little fake if you ask me. Sure, she cares about her friend and wants her to make the right choices (and I agree that she needs to just stay away from Josh for a while if she actually doesn’t want to be with him). Maybe I’m being cynical, but I feel like she might not have such a strong reaction if it weren’t for the MTV camera there to record the drama." Read more... 


Justine SchieleJustine Schiele, Santa Clara University Class of 2010, English and Communication major - "The only thing different in this episode is that we hear from Andrea’s roommate, who’s tired of it too! Andrea just needs to stay single for a while. I wonder if all the boy talk is MTV editing or just Andrea’s choice of filming?" Read more...   


bengearyBenjamin Geary, Beloit College Class of 2009, Creative Writing major - "When Lindsay popped onto the television screen in episode three of College Life, my friend Sam, who’s been a bit down lately, declared an immediate and only semi-sarcastic crush on her. He was quickly repelled. Lindsay went from, smart, studious, a little goofy and real cute, to studious, real cute and emotionally reminiscent of a 14-year-old." Read more... 


Erin SperlingErin Sperling, University of Arizona Class of 2009, Political Science and Creative Writing major - "Compared to the other characters, Jordan’s story still holds a bit of mystery. Is he dating and having relationship issues, like the others? How is class going? What else, besides the rally, has he been out doing?" Read more... 

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