MTV College Life Episode 6 - Much Ado About Nothing

MTV College Life

By Irene Starygina

The men of College Life were...well, less than manly in episode six. Jordan goes on a date with his mystery makeout partner from the New Year's Eve party and talks incessantly about what designs he likes to make with his mashed potatoes. He dumps her after a week when he discovers her affinity for Nickelback, but we already know that he usually has trouble prioritizing. Kevin prances around his house like a bearded Bambi after a bat infiltrates his living quarters, and clingy Josh gets burned by cold-hearted Lindsay. The guys may act a bit wimpy, but their behavior is nowhere near as disturbing as that of Andrea's jealous friends who  badmouth her for "losing her morals" behind her back. Check out what our college bloggers think of the latest installment, and visit for complete reviews of episode 6.

MTV College Life: Episode 6 - Our Bloggers Weigh In

"If you dump your boyfriend and start dating 20 other guys, it doesn't matter if you're not sleeping with them. He'll eventually find another drama queen to torture him," says Felicia Compian from from Georgian Court University:

Kevin Duck recently graduated from Wake Forest University, and watching the show makes him choke up:

Poor Kimberly Ciesla from Rowan University had to film the review from her bathroom because of family visitors. "Andrea is a control freak!"

rebecca headshotRebecca May, University of Missouri - Columbia, Class of 2012, Journalism major - "Andrea and Erica finally talk about Erica being jealous of Andrea. Although I see the irony in a very religious girl participating in a lingerie show, I think Erica and her friend are mainly just jealous." Read more... 




undefinedErin Sperling, University of Arizona Class of 2009, Political Science and Creative Writing double major - "Reality check, dude: bats aren’t that scary. They’re just like birds. Very leathery, creepy-looking birds, I’ll give you that, but still, they eat insects. Not pretzels. Or Kevins." Read more... 




undefinedJustine Schiele, Santa Clara University Class of 2010, English and Communication double major - " I do feel like Josh is a pretty needy guy. He gets attached and clingy real quick and I’m not quite sure he’s completely over Andrea." Read more... 




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