MTV College Life Episode 7 - Spring Break

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By Irene Starygina

Spring break is bittersweet for some of the College Life cast members. They just can't shake the relationship and money drama, and Andrea just can't shake Josh. Kudos to him for keeping his eyes on the prize amidst the hordes of bikini-clad coeds. Surprisingly, Kevin is the most resourceful person in this episode—he finds a way to get his Panama vacation sponsored by two ladies after overdrafting $200. He even gets some action in the end (must be the magic beard). Check out what our college bloggers think of the latest installment, and visit for complete reviews of episode 7.

MTV College Life: Episode 7 - Our Bloggers Weigh In

"Ah, spring break. A time of unfettered freedom (or spreading the word, in Andrea’s case). However, Josh didn’t quite seem to get that memo. He needs a serious dose of no girlfrienadrine," says Erin Sperling from University of Arizona.

According to Ashley Singh from Georgian Court University, "College Life Episode 7 was slightly predictable and left me agitated, again. Here’s why…" 


Justine SchieleJustine Schiele, Santa Clara University Class of 2010, English and Communication double major - "Kevin goes big despite his series of misfortunes: canceled ride, overdrafts, broke on the first day, and losing his voice. I like that the girls he randomly met took his camera and did filming of their own. I wonder why their friends don’t do that more?" Read more... 




Kim CieslaKim Ciesla, Rowan University Class of 2011, Public Relations major - "As for Andrea, good for her for taking an alternate spring break option. I know a few friends who go on retreats for Habitat for Humanity and whatnot—it’s not an option to be ashamed of." Read more... 




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