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Schools where everyone is the life of the party

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Washington and Lee University (10 of 10)

Washington and Lee University

Kelly, a junior at Washington and Lee University, puts her English major to good use as she offers this description of drinking culture at her school: "People go out on average 3-5 nights a week. And they go out hard. If you're awake at 2am on a Tuesday, you are drunk eating your Domino's pizza, possibly wondering how drinking all those gin buckets at KA earlier will affect your history quiz tomorrow at 11. If you want to do something on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking, it won't involve other people." If the combination of southern charm, a rigorous course load, and stiff drinks is your idea of the perfect college experience, look no further than Washington and Lee. One business major has this to say: "Although the school would like to make you think non-drinkers are welcome, there is really not much else to do on the weekends except make the rounds in town and in the country and fraternity parties."