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Schools where everyone is the life of the party

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Pennsylvania State University (3 of 10)

Pennsylvania State University

There's a reason why Penn State is a mainstay on every list of the top party schools. Take a tour of the campus in the morning and note the bleary-eyed students dragging their feet to class, large black coffee in hand. Take a tour in the afternoon and those same students will have a twinkle in their eye as they plan the night's agenda. "People party here pretty often and pretty hard. No matter what, there are always going to be people in the bars having a drink although the crowd tends to be thicker on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday." If you're more inclined to rip tequila shots on Monday however, don't worry. You'll always be able to find an equal-minded partner in crime. "People party almost all of the time. I think at any given time in the week someone is partying. Fraternities and sororities are generally excuses for people to drink alcohol and have sex."