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Schools where everyone is the life of the party

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University of California-Santa Barbara (4 of 10)

University of California-Santa Barbara

One of UC Santa Barbara's biggest selling points is its idyllic location that promises a life pulled straight from a Beach Boys tune. And with that life comes the stereotype of beach bum partiers. Says one psychology student, "With 80% of the student population actively drinking as much as or more than the average (3-5 drinks per night), the stereotype does appear to be true." But according to others, an all-night bonfire party on the beach doesn't stop students from hitting the library every so often. "We have an amazing beach life- we basically live in paradise in between the mountains and the most beautiful ocean. And we love partying, we love life, and we do everything hard- drink hard, smoke hard, study hard." Just make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen.