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Top colleges that are so safe, jaywalkers are the biggest felons

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Bennington College

Bennington College

Some dorms at big state schools are larger than the entirety of Bennington College, which has an undergraduate student population of just over six hundred. But the students who come to Bennington know exactly what to expect in advance – a rural, very intimate college experience situated on isolated, beautiful, and extremely safe campus in Vermont. As one alum puts it, “Bennington is located miles from town on acres of Idyllic Vermont Hills. The campus is safe, contained and self-maintaining (kind of like a well-designed fishtank).” Another student chimes in, “Students generally leave their doors open here, and feel really safe on our little campus.” For the most part, the students who choose to come to this remote school – where the main quad is called “the End of the World” – were looking for a safe and intimate college experience. And the atmosphere this creates provides students with true personal freedom. “The Bennington Student won't just dye their hair blue … they will walk around in muumuus, wife-beaters, various Salvation Army clothing, pirate hats, mismatched earrings, mismatched socks and arrays of flannels with blue triangles drawn on their faces. Whoever is stranger and more passionate is cooler here.” Overall, a student sums up: “Bennington is a safe and trusting campus full of interesting and honest people.”