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Top colleges that are so safe, jaywalkers are the biggest felons

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Colgate University

Colgate University

With an undergraduate enrollment well under 3,000, the student body at Colgate University is a tight-knit community of preppy achievers. “We call it the Colgate bubble. This school is the perfect size in the sense that, wherever you are, you always know someone - yet you never stop meeting new people.” The rural, isolated campus is “in upstate New York, so most students spend little time outside of the 'Colgate Bubble'.” But students don’t seem to mind, as that bubble “is super safe and there’s always tons to do.” Most students here come from affluent backgrounds, and it shows in their clean-cut attire. Says one psychology major, “Indeed, it seems if you aren’t a white polo-and-khaki clad guy or an Uggs and Vera Bradley bag-toting girl, you will stick out. But that’s part of Colgate’s appeal.” Colgate’s town, Hamilton, is “quaint and peaceful,” and the isolated nature of the place “adds to the closeness of the Colgate community.” “The campus feels extremely safe, and it's expected for students to wave, smile and say hello across the quad between classes.”