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Top colleges that are so safe, jaywalkers are the biggest felons

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Davidson College

Davidson College

Davidson College is a small, prestigious liberal arts school in North Carolina that’s well-known for its first-rate basketball team, its policy of providing all of its students with free laundry service, and its extremely safe campus. Davidson is also known for its stringent honor code, which students take very seriously (helping to maintain the safe campus vibe.) As a result, students are accustomed to leaving their rooms unlocked without fear of theft, and cheating is a rare occurrence. “Due to the honor code, our final exams are self-scheduled, and most of our other exams are take-home because almost no-one cheats at Davidson”, writes a junior Spanish major. “I love Davidson because all of the students trust each other because of the honor code. There is also this sense of respect and trust between students and professors.” “People leave their computers alone on their desks in the library, and their book bags in the halls without fear of anyone taking anything from them. This is the safest and happiest campus in the world. It’s great!”