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Top 10 Schools where the pursuit of knowledge goes far beyond the classroom

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Grinnell College

Grinnell College

Grinnell College students are intellectually curious, fiercely liberal, and anti-mainstream. One junior describes the typical Grinnellian as “as liberal and idealistic as can be, ever protesting and petitioning, a rabid environmentalist, studying like crazy, beyond over-involved in extracurriculars and loving it, always questioning the world as we know it, wanting to learn more, and wearing jeans and sneakers because you never know when it'll be warm enough to lay out on the field with a book to read.” Another says "The great thing about Grinnell students is that each one of them is an intellectual dork. When you talk to them they seem really laid back and chill, but then when you touch on that one subject that really interests them, they suddenly jump out with enthusiasm and impressive intelligence,” writes a senior majoring in Spanish. In class, that intelligence is put to good use. “Most classes are discussion based, and you are challenged not to repeat what you are told, but rather to question what you are told and give reasons why someone might decide to tell you that in the first place. The best part of learning at Grinnell is you are taught how to learn and question, as opposed to learning facts and rules.”