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Top 10 Schools where the pursuit of knowledge goes far beyond the classroom

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Reed College

Reed College

Reed College is a school for free-spirited intellectuals deeply in love with learning. The typical “Reedie” spends hours each day (including weekends) hunched over some lofty text in the library or poring through volumes of scholarly journals. “Not studying is not an option," explains one student who claims to hit the books a minimum of five hours a day. "Not studying enough is also not an option. The workload and academic expectations are enormous - prepare for the onslaught or you WILL be crushed. No, really.” Students often cite reading assignments topping 300 pages a night, 20-page papers, and the “stress culture” that these rigorous demands breed. "Do not go to Reed if you do not want to push yourself to learn, and if you are not enthused by reading, by writing long papers, and by discussing things in class,” writes one junior. The workload may often seem overwhelming, and it probably is, but students are bolstered by their professors, who treat them as peers and insist that students refer to them on a first-name basis. “[My professors] know who I date, they know how I really feel about those people,” writes a junior majoring in religion. “They know my strengths and my weaknesses and whether I am, at any given moment, strong, weak, or falling apart.” But, as a final student writes, “Reed will drive you crazy. If it doesn't, you didn't do it right. It's small, it's intense, and it's lovely. It's a haven for displaced and disenchanted intellectuals and we like it that way.”