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Top 10 schools where "Animal House" is considered tame

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Florida State University

Florida State University

Florida State University is a Tier 1 doctoral research institution that is brimming with school pride, Southern hospitality … and alcohol. Students are unanimous: “This is definitely a party school. There’s not one night a week where there’s not a club / frat party / random house party to go to.” As a result, “it is VERY, VERY, VERY easy to make friends here.” Alcohol flows freely, students are happy, the great weather gives everyone a reason to strip down, and the guys couldn’t be more pleased. “The best thing about FSU is the girls. They are all gorgeous here, and – not only that – they have brains, too.” Another student adds: “Girls, girls, more girls.” Sound like fun? FSU might just be the school for you.