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Top 10 schools where "Animal House" is considered tame

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

West Virginia University

West Virginia University

At West Virginia University, students are divided into two groups: those who are there to “study hard and get great grades,” taking advantage of WVU’s “dirt cheap” tuition … and those are there to “party and drink a lot.” Let’s focus on the latter students, seeing how WVU ranks at the top of the national party school lists every year. These kinds of students are not hard to find, and most readily embrace their ability to have a good time. “We are the #1 party school in the USA, and we are proud of it!” says one junior. “We get our work done, but we’ll always find the time to keep up our party status.” “WVU is credited for being the #1 drinking college, and it definitely lives up to that name.” Says one student, “Nightlife starts on Wednesday nights … and some weeks, on Tuesdays … but pretty much any night of the week you can find students drinking downtown, in dorms, in houses, in open fields, and pretty much anywhere else parties are happening.” This is pretty much how students roll, “knee deep in alcohol and tequila.” “Professors don’t even expect students to show up for morning classes after football and basketball games. Those were party days, and the next day is get-sober day.” Nonetheless, even the biggest partiers do make time for some studying. “If you want to come to school and have a lot of fun but get a good education, then come here,” But be forewarned: “We all love it here. There’s almost so much school pride that you’ll feel weird at WVU if you don’t bleed blue and gold like I do!”