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Top 10 schools where "Animal House" is considered tame

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University

Penn State is one of the largest universities in America. Can the essence of such a big school be captured in just four small words? According to one student, absolutely. And those four words are: “We. Drink. A. Lot.” “Parties and alcohol pervade the campus.” “Students start partying on Wednesday, and we finish on Sunday … depending on the time of year, Tuesday is a big day, too.” Another student chimes in, “at Penn … a flood of cheap beer and vodka streams ever-plentiful down all the dorm staircases.” Much of this alcohol is consumed by students who are athletes, sports fans, or members of the school’s Greek scene, leading one student to say “after drinking, I know of quite a few girls (and boys) who wouldn’t mind being tackled by a Nittany Lions football player (or two.)” Though another student warns, “don’t go to frat parties if you aren’t friends with anyone in that frat. You will not get beer.” Overall, students seem thrilled with the Penn State party scene. The only thing that seems to be flowing at Penn state more plentifully than the alcohol is students’ “oozing and sugary-sweet school pride.”