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Top 10 schools where "Animal House" is considered tame

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt’s southern charm and Ivy-level academics attract students from all over the country, but – upon arriving – there is “a real social pressure to party hard, we are expected to from our reputation.” It doesn’t hurt that “Nashville is an incredibly lively city full of fun bars and country clubs, and Vanderbilt’s campus is a social hub on weekends with parties, club-sponsored events, concerts, speakers, movies, etc.” As a junior says, “Really, Vanderbilt University is one big party, starting at 10pm every Thursday night.” Greek and non-Greeks alike mingle on Frat Row: “Fraternities are what run all of the parties, and supply most of the social scene. With the fraternities, there are always dozens of parties to choose from each weekend.” Nearly all students party, but – no matter what they looked like when they first arrived on campus – after Vandy has had its way with them, most partiers tend to look the same. “I have a good friend who came to Vandy as a pot-smoking, long-haired, hippie. Finding that he didn’t really fit in (and was thus not experiencing all of the sugary excitement on campus), he returned from winter break with a shorter – and more typically Vandy – haircut. The Bob Marley tee-shirts were soon nowhere to be found…and in their place, a large selection of polos.” “Characteristics of the 'ideal' Vandy girl: thin, tan, southern, blonde, wealthy, pearl earrings, pastel Lilly Pulitzer dresses, classy.” “Characteristics of the “ideal” Vandy boy: pastel polo shirts (Ralph Lauren), khakis, southern, wealthy.” Taking a step back, most students agree on two things. “We have a really good looking campus,” and “Vanderbilt is a party school, plain and simple.”