Picking colleges based on music

Hi, I am applying to schools now but I do not really know how to narrow down my list from about 30 to 10. I am looking for a highly selective university with a very solid music department. I have played cello all my life and I would like to go to a school, not a conservatory, that offers a cello performance track (minor or major) but where I can make cello secondary to my academic studies. I was wondering what highly selective schools have music departments with performance tracks/degrees that won't take up 85% of my life. Thanks! -Derek P May I suggest looking at the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music. The advatnage of the BC Conservatory is that it's right on campus, and honestly I could tell you a bunch of things about how much my friends love having the conservatory right there so they could take advantage of other academic programs and the very active club life, but instead I am listing this link which takes you to the Conservatory of Music website http://www.bcmusic.org/ Also since you are seeking a non-musical primary major, please look over the other majors in the school to see if they have what interests you. Good Luck.