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Top 10 schools where students follow the beltway as closely as their studies

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

George Washington University

George Washington University

Also located in the nation’s political hub, George Washington University attracts some of the most politically active students from every point on the spectrum. At GW, lefties and righties “are extremely vocal about their political preferences”, and protests and rallies are commonplace. International affairs, political science and business programs are very popular, and professors often split their time teaching with hours logged in professional political fields. Students pursue all that DC has to offer to supplement their education, and say this is one of their favorite things about the school. “Just four blocks from the White House, the typical freshman experience takes place each day around 7:15am when the Vice President’s motorcade rolls by Thurston Hall, the largest freshman dorm.” Because they’re in the heart of DC, students are integrated into the professional political world almost from the moment they arrive on campus their freshman year. As a final student insists, “GW is the absolute no doubt best school for anyone who’s interested in a political career.”