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Top 10 schools where students follow the beltway as closely as their studies

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Hampshire College

Hampshire College

Hampshire College is “known for being a hippie school, leading people to assume Hampshire kids are all vegans, and wear hemp clothes, and are involved in multiple activist organizations (the further left, the better.)” If you were one of the people who assumed that … you wouldn’t be wrong. “Students here definitely have liberal political views, some more aggressively than others. And most students are okay, but there are some militant vegans you have to watch out for.” “Idealism runs rampant on campus, but its oddly wedded to a studied cynicism. Let's change the world, but isn't that so typical.” Nonetheless, “the student body tends to believe that big changes are needed.” One student says, “I've been known to linger over dinner for hours, debating gender theory or talking about history with my friends.” This isn’t to say all Hampshire students agree with one another in their politics. “There are definitely frequent controversies on campus over touchy issues. This past year, there was a lot of heated discussion over Israel/Palestine issues- Hampshire has a very vocal pro-Palestine (and anti-Israel) group, and a rather large Jewish population, and the debate got very tense for a month or so, focusing especially on issues of Hampshire investment in Israel. That debate got lost in a much larger action, however, when a group organized a week of protests to make Hampshire become actively anti-racist. Race and racism are problems that Hampshire has to deal with every few years as a new crop of students comes through and needs new education.” Looking for a school with extremely passionate, intense, politically engaged students? Hampshire may be just the place for you.