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Top 10 schools where students follow the beltway as closely as their studies

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

Macalester College

Macalester College

Macalester College’s 2,000 undergrads are known for their quirky intellectualism and liberal politics. This college’s national profile is on the rise, and among those in the know in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, Mac is highly respected. The Political Science major is particularly strong here, and Macalester has many graduates who went on to impressive political careers (including figures such as Vice President Walter Mondale, and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan). Current students are “extremely politically aware, and range from slightly left of center to very left.” One says “sometimes the liberal rhetoric and Obama lovefest can get a bit tiresome,” but at least these students are practicing what they preach. Student Government and volunteering in the local community are two of the most popular campus activities.