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Schools where you'll have to turn down visitors every weekend

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College of Charleston (2 of 10)

College of Charleston

Charleston is one of the most charming and picturesque cities in the South. Alongside beautiful, historic architecture is a thriving culture filled with exciting restaurants, bars, and clubs. "The location is amazing- downtown Charleston is beautiful and there is always something to do," claims Amy, an education major. The College of Charleston is conveniently located not only for the city, but the surrounding areas as well. Andrea, a biology student, boasts, "Charleston is a vacation destination for many people, so it is cool to live in a place other people are only lucky enough to visit. The beach is 10 minutes away, and on the weekends the campus is deserted due to all the beach bums and surfers who couldn't get to the beach fast enough after class on Friday afternoon. The downtown atmosphere is nice because there is always something to do within walking distance."