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Schools where you'll have to turn down visitors every weekend

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University of California-Berkeley (5 of 10)

University of California-Berkeley

Berkeley is often considered a utopia for the liberal-minded academic, and for good reason. Not only is the city home to one of the country's top universities, but Berkeley is perfectly situated between the nearby mountains and the bustling cultural center of San Francisco. "The big picture is that Berkeley is big, so pretty much anything you want is here. The town doesn't stay out too late, and BART closes at 12:30 (which is a downright shame) but it's never hard to find a happening abode or party with which to meet people. If parties aren't your thing (as they are often overflowing with tools) there are tons of other things to do, especially in SF," explains Ben, a senior. Another student explains further: "There are plenty of student organizations and activities both on campus and nearby in the Bay Area. Being in a university with tens of thousands of students as well as next to a liberal metropolitan area gives you more options than you can probably explore in 4 years."