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Schools where you'll have to turn down visitors every weekend

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University of Texas at Austin (8 of 10)

University of Texas at Austin

Austin has always been the black sheep of Texas cities, and we mean that in the best way possible. With the unofficial slogan, "Keep Austin weird," this is as ideal a setting as any for someone experiencing life out of the nest for the first time. "Austin is chock full of entertainment options for students to explore, and it might very well take 4+ years to get to know the city. 6th Street, SoCo, SoLa, Barton Springs, are just some of the fantastic locales and neighbors in the eclectic city of Austin," explains a UT business student. UT Austin is full of students who love to get out of the dorms and do something, whether it's exploring the city or getting out of dodge and enjoying nature. Jordan, a senior, has this to say: "Social life at UT is one of the most fun things about it. I love going downtown, eating at all of the restaurants in Austin, and taking advantage of the outdoors."