SAT Review

By Sue Shellenbarger

We asked students college students what they wish they'd known about the SAT before taking the test. Here's what they said:

"When I got that rejection letter I realized that the SAT did count for something. It made me wish that I had taken that stupid SAT prep class and actually looked at that $30 study guide my dad bought me instead of sitting by the pool all day."

- Iva, Virginia Commonwealth University

"Before taking the SAT, I enrolled in several SAT prep courses and took several practice tests in my high school classes. I was a very strong math student in high school and accelerated in the field without too many problems. My vocabulary was the one thing that hindered my ability to score high in the English part of the test. I look back now and feel like I needed to focus my time and energy on reading more. Not just reading more, but reading material that was intelligent and challenging. Being able to identify word uses and pick apart paragraph structures was an important tool in passing the written part of the SAT."

- Branden, Virginia Commonwealth University


"Looking back on the SAT, I wish I had known that it wasn't as big of deal as everyone made it out to be. Don't get me wrong, you can't bomb the SAT and expect to get into a really good school. But hey, you can't ace the SAT and expect to get into a great school either. Your scores on the SAT are only a small part of the package that will ultimately decide where you get accepted. There are plenty of good schools in each SAT scoring bracket, so stop stressing! What really matters is finding the one that fits you the best!"

- Chevonne, Bucknell University

Jeannie Borin, M. Ed, founder and president of the independent educational and college consulting firm College Connections, shares her top tips for preparing for the SAT.