Scholarship Offers May Change

Athletic Recruiting

By Stewart Brown

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In April of 2010 the NCAA created a cabinet to evaluate the recruitment process for all sports participating under the NCAA DI umbrella. The cabinet was asked to evaluate recruitment evaluations, recruitment communications, campus visits and offers of aid to alleviate the frustrations of the recruitment process reported by its member institutions, coaches and you, the prospect.

In the first of the proposals from the cabinet, chaired by the senior associate director of athletics from UCLA, has asked for a review, and rule change, of when a prospect can receive a verbal offer of scholarship money. The cabinet has proposed that you may not receive a scholarship offer until July 1 prior to your senior year and only if the college or university has your academic transcript on file through the first half of your junior year.

This changes the rules significantly and may prevent young athletes being pressured to make choices of where to attend college at an age where they cannot even drive or legally have a part-time job.

However, there are always coaches that will try to manipulate this rule and create their own gray-area from recruiting. But, to quote the chair of the committee regarding the rule breaking and monitoring potentials, "Can a coach purchase a cell phone, call someone, and throw it away? Yes. Is that the kind of people we really want in this business? No."

We will keep you posted on this and any other rule changes...stay tuned!