small school feel

I'm proably going to apply to some small schools and some more mid-sized schools, but Davidson is definitely the smallest one I'm looking at. a lot of what I've read about Davidson emphasizes the seemingly crazy amount of individual attention each student gets from professors and from the that the reality? and how does that actually play out? any info from current/former students would be helpful! When you tour here, you hear a lot about students going to professors' houses for dinner or babysitting for their children on the weekend. I know when I toured at Davidson, as well as at many other small liberal arts schools, our tour guides would tell us stories like that as if they were the norm, and while I liked to think that sort of thing happened often, I never considered it a serious benefit. In October of my first semester at Davidson College, my History professor took four other students and I to see a movie about Woodstock. He paid for the tickets and bought us popcorn, and on the drive back to campus we discussed the inconsistencies the movie presented. This Thanksgiving Break, I will be driving back to my house with an English professor and his family, an offer he made when he overheard my parents bemoaning the cost of a flight home. Professors at Davidson care immensely about their students. Individual attention is an absolute given the class sizes, but you must remember that in order to really secure a relationship with your professors, you have to put in the extra effort. All in all, yes. What you are hearing is reality. Absolutely. (The above was originally posted on my high school unigo account. This is the college account.)