Smoking is Losing Its Coolness Factor

Smoking is no Longer Cool For College Students

By Jessica Gross

Most college kids don’t go for the tarred lung anymore. A report by the American Lung Association, released today, found that 19.2 percent of college students smoke, down from 30.6 percent less than a decade ago.

The most recent decline, the report says, can be attributed to higher prices for cigarettes (through higher taxes and costs passed along by tobacco companies as they paid steep fines to settle litigation), and more regulations barring smoking in certain public areas, including colleges.

It makes sense that the more cigarettes cost, the fewer students will buy them — especially “social smokers.” But are smoking bans really all that effective? Seems that if college students really want to smoke, they’d just find another corner.

Regardless, the study found some provocative stats:

    * More men smoke than women.
    * Non-students aged 18-to-22 are more likely to smoke than college students in that bracket.
    * White students are most likely to smoke; black students are least likely.
    * More frat and sorority members smoke than non-Greeks.

The report recommends smoking bans, cessation therapy groups, and rejecting tobacco company funding. These sound all right, but I don’t think smoking will disappear until cigarettes cost more than gas.

(Source: Inside Higher Ed)

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