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Schools where the game is more important than the test

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (10 of 10)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

If you looked at every rankings list ever assembled of the nation's biggest sports schools, we're pretty confident that UNC Chapel Hill would be on all of them. Students at UNC love sports - basketball in particular - and many internationally known professional players once wore a Tar Heels jersey. "UNC is quite the basketball school. Tickets can be hard to get. The entire town is consumed with basketball during games, with peaceful riots on Franklin Street commonplace after big victories. The UNC-Duke rivalry is arguably the most intense rivalry in the nation, and watching the game anywhere in Chapel Hill is an incredible experience," explains Kennan, an international relations student. "Intramural sports are also very popular," claims another student. So if big crowds aren't your thing, there's always the broom ball team.