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Schools where the game is more important than the test

By Explore Editor

What the students are saying about:

University of Alabama (4 of 10)

University of Alabama

"The absolute best thing about Alabama is Alabama football! The energy of the campus is phenomenal and being in the stadium with 96,000 other Crimson Tide fans is life changing!" claims a journalism sophomore. While the academics are nothing to scoff at, students don't flock to Alabama to study Shakespeare. Lucy, a junior, offers this potential warning for prospective students: "If you absolutely abhor football, you might want to hide between the months of September and December on weekends when there are home games. That is because Tuscaloosa becomes overrun with tailgaters, and shouts of "roll tide" fill the air. School spirit goes into overdrive. It is hard to resist joining in with the other 92,000 people singing the fight song when the team scores a touchdown."