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Schools where the game is more important than the test

By Explore Editor

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University of Florida (7 of 10)

University of Florida

Students at the University of Florida in Gainesville may have more pride for their school (and their football team) than any others in the nation. "Pretty much where ever you go, people have heard of UF and you can get a 'Go Gators!' There is so much school pride that it is crazy. People are always wearing school colors, especially during football season. Everyone on campus and everyone who is or was a gator at one point is always really friendly and nice," explains Shannon, a freshman mathematics student. Another student has this to say: "93,000 people fill the stadium for football every home game in the fall and make enough noise to hear it from across campus. Basketball isn't too different, even in bad years the arena is still one of the loudest buildings you could ever set foot in."