Stonehill Social Scene

I am trying to decide between Providnce College and Stonehill and was wondering if anyone has any insight into the party life at Stonehill. I kow PC as an active social campus..looking for advice from someone with experience I'm a Stonehill freshman and I feel i should tell you the unbiased truth. Parties always happen in the junior and senior residences rarely occur before any given friday. Students at Stonehill are quite studious and campus authorities like to preserve a study friendly environment on campus seeing how its comparatively small in size. That is why quiet hours are set at about 10pm on weekdays and 1am on weekends. Around 1am on a weekend, you can find campus police breaking them all up. You will often find drinking at these parties and transports happen often on a weekend. If you're just a party vet who's a regular at clubs, you might be disappointed with the party scene but they do happen. Outside of that, the students are very sociable.