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Schools where blowing off steam means a rousing game of Twister

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Wheaton College (10 of 10)

Wheaton College

Perhaps the straight edgiest school on this list, Wheaton College famously lifted a campus-wide ban on dancing back in 2003. Students at Wheaton, however, tend to look at the school's strict rules as a positive thing. Emily, a sophomore at Wheaton, says, "The rules that are there are there to make the Wheaton community a safe place to learn and grow together. Having a dry campus is great because you can bet that most of your friends are not going to be out drinking on the weekends. We can have just as much fun together without getting drunk. It just leads to a closer, safer campus community feeling so I trust people more readily here than I think I would elsewhere." So what do Wheaton students like to do for fun? According to Emily, a junior, "The kinds of fun range from lots of Intra-murals, water balloon fights, awesome pranks, hanging out in parks, going to the city and much more. We are a lot more creative with our fun than just drinking games and we have a lot of it."