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Schools where blowing off steam means a rousing game of Twister

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Creighton University (4 of 10)

Creighton University

Creighton is a private Jesuit, Roman Catholic university not far from downtown Omaha, NE. Much of the administration's policies reflect the Jesuit affiliation, and some students find that to be frustrating. Taylor, a senior anthropology student, says, "Creighton has ridiculous rules somewhat based on pseudo-Christian values, but primarily based on business values. There is a smoking ban in effect on campus; no one can chew tobacco or smoke, and while I do neither this is an infringement on the rights of students. Public Safety should be called "The Drinking Patrol" as their primary goal is to catch drinking students, whether or not they are underage, and send them to the hospital for an overnight stay, regardless of how much alcohol they have had to drink." And while a ban on tobacco is a bit harsh, other students are more concerned about different smoking habits. Steve, a marketing major, shares his woes: "Very few ever smoke marijuana and look down upon it heavily. My roommates and I would often smoke in our dorm room, not worrying about getting caught. Everyone knew we smoked quite a bit, but they didn't mind telling anyone or busting us. Instead, they shunned us and treated us differently. All we wanted to do was get along and be friendly, yet everyone else treated us like outcasts."