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Schools where blowing off steam means a rousing game of Twister

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Pepperdine University (6 of 10)

Pepperdine University

What Pepperdine lacks in partying, it more than makes up for in location. Situated in the beachside paradise of Malibu, CA, Pepperdine is a reputable school with a strong Christian influence. "In a conservative school in a not-very-happening town, Greek life provides most of the outlets for fun (with the exception of the church group, which also provides some activities). Outside of these activities, most of the fun is fairly low-key, perhaps limited to dorm activities," says Brooke, a senior. Academics are tough at Pepperdine, and when students aren't secluded in the library, they tend to take advantage of the surrounding area. According to Kathleen, a math major, "Malibu is definitely NOT meant to be a college town. It's too secluded, and the beach is pretty much the best thing here."