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Schools where blowing off steam means a rousing game of Twister

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Smith College (7 of 10)

Smith College

As one of two all-women's college in the Five College Consortium in Western Massachusetts (Mount Holyoke College being the other), Smith is often considered the tamest of the group, and rightly so. "The party scene at Smith is also a bit strange since it is a woman's school. Parties are strictly regulated, and while people drink, it's not a drinking culture or allowed openly. Students also do drugs, but again, it's not part of the culture and it's done pretty quietly," says Alana, a junior. "Smith is definitely not a party school, and most girls who really party go off campus to Amherst or UMASS." When not sneaking off campus to see what life is like in the debaucherous world of coed universities, Smith girls live in an open community rarely found at other schools. "Students tend to leave doors open and houses are often quite close. Sometimes this leads to house-drama, but it also leads to a lot of house-love and really close friendships," says Parker, another freshman.