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Schools where blowing off steam means a rousing game of Twister

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University of Notre Dame (8 of 10)

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame is one of the few universities in the nation whose party atmosphere does not match the sports fanaticism. This is assumedly due more to the school's strong ties to Catholicism than its Irish roots. "Notre Dame is a spiritual campus. To give you a good idea I'll give you an example. Notre Dame has a chapel in every dorm. My dorm's chapel has seats for 150 people. For Sunday mass it is standing room only. People will stand in the back and sit on the floor in the front for mass," says Nicholas, a freshman. Some students, like Eileen, an engineering major, find the culture on campus to be a bit dated. "My biggest frustration with Notre Dame is its conservative policies. Due to the Catholic nature of the college the policies tend to be very conservative and old fashioned."