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Schools where blowing off steam means a rousing game of Twister

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Wellesley College (9 of 10)

Wellesley College

Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of Wellesley's most well-known alumni, and like Hillary, the college isn't exactly known for partying (Bill, on the other hand…). Women at Wellesley find the intimate, beautiful campus to suffice most of the time, but those who do feel the need to party have plenty of ways to do so at nearby schools or in the city of Boston itself. "I found Wellesley to be a both a stimulating academic environment, but also a safe one that I always returned to when i needed to focus. It does feel separate from the rest of Boston, but that is why I would go out every weekend even for just a movie with the girls," says Morgan, a sophomore. The plus side of being at a quiet school is the feeling of security that students feel. Aleyah, a freshman, says, "Living at Wellesley I feel pretty safe, because many students leave their dorms unlocked, and theft is really not a large problem on campus."