Textbooks On Your iPhone

By Features Editor

We asked students if they'd use iPods and iPhones to access their textbooks.

"I would definitely access my textbook on my iPhone because of the convenience factor. But many professors frown upon using cell phones and even laptops in class. When most students bring their laptop to class they aren't using it for class stuff, but for Facebook."

- Ryan, Lynn University



"I would use access to my textbooks on my iPhone if it were free because I could quickly check something if I was on the run and didn't have my textbook handy. Of course, with technology comes bugs, whereas with a print textbook there are no bugs or errors. E-textbooks are dependent on your internet connection and much more; a regular textbook is not."

- Sadia, Queens College

We asked Deepak Kumar, professor of computer science at Bryn Mawr College, if he thinks college students will someday rely on iPhone and iPod texts.



Today the average teenager sends over 2000 text messages a month. That's over 80 messages a day. It is therefore natural to raise the question. In the age of increasingly larger HDTV screens in homes, there has also been a growth in demand for video content on tiny screens of handhelds. Seemingly paradoxically, we are witnessing a duality of evolutions. Given the extensive use of handhelds it is safe to say that both will persist. I still do not see 3-inch screens substituting for textbooks and learning materials. If only one could learn about Socrates, art history, or quantum computing, etc. through tweets!