The Best and Worst Decisions Freshmen Make at Davidson College

Davidson Freshman

By Laura Candler
By Laura Candler
Unigo Campus Rep for Davidson

Freshman year is always jam-packed with what always appears to be an endless amount of activities: making friends for the first time, figuring out majors and finding a niche on campus. By the end of the first year, most freshmen have made a series of decisions — some good, some bad — but it’s all worth it in the end.

My biggest mistake was probably waiting to take a history (my major) class until my sophomore year (I only took one first semester sophomore year). The history department advises you to take four credits by the end of your sophomore year if you want to be a history major. As a result, I had to take three history classes my second semester sophomore year because we were supposed to have taken four by the end of it. Luckily, I have taken almost all of my required courses (by the end of my sophomore year). Now I can focus more on history, but I’ll try to limit my course-load to two history classes per semester.

The best decision I made freshman year was probably joining the cheerleading squad. I immediately had my own group of friends who included members from all four eating houses (our women’s social groups at Davidson) and other students at school. . This is why it’s important for freshmen students to get involved during their first year.

Every Davidson student spends their first year learning from the decisions they make. Here are three more examples from current Davison students.

Alysen Wallace, sociology major, ‘10

My biggest mistake as a freshman was getting too comfortable during second semester. Since my first semester went well, I thought I could practice my same habits during second semester. I failed to realize that I was taking more challenging classes and had a more demanding schedule. However, my best decision was getting involved in sports and extra-curricular activities. By getting involved in campus life I was able to meet a diverse group of people and participate in new experiences.

Dan Hampton, physics major, ‘11

My worst decision freshman year was signing up for an 8:30 class. My best decision was deciding to stay at Davidson over the summer and do physics research.

Lucy Flournoy, undecided, ‘11

I'd say my mistakes would come from not being myself. Anything I did last year that I regret involves thinking that other people were doing things better than I was and that I should try to be like them . . . like related to guys and going out and such. [I] never had a drinking regret. But I do have minor guy regrets. My best decision as a freshman was joining the cheerleading squad because it made me feel like a part of Davidson. It made me feel like I was more than just another face and really made me proud of my school and got me excited about DC. I made friends outside the circle I would(n’t?) have run in otherwise, and it's cool to be an athlete and a member of a team. Performing in front of thousands of people was really awesome, too, and my family loved seeing me on TV as silly as it is.