The Best and Worst Decisions Freshmen Students Make at WSU

Washington State University Freshman

By Brenden Martin

By Brenden Martin
Unigo Campus Rep at Washington State University – Pullman

We have all heard of the saying that everything happens for a reason and you are bound to run into numerous situations where you have to make decisions that will dramatically influence the rest of your life while in college. I try to live a life where I do not regret anything, and see everything as an opportunity and an experience. When I first came to college I made a lot of mistakes, especially since I was the first person in my family to go to college. The biggest mistake I made my freshman year was overloading my schedule with not only difficult classes, but also with extracurricular activities. I quickly found that all my time was devoted to catching up on homework and community service, thus leaving myself no time to relax.

However, the best decision I made was exploring the different majors my college offered and finding the perfect major for me. I didn't listen to what my parents wanted me to do, instead I searched seven different majors until I finally found the one where I truly enjoyed going to class. Everyone makes different mistakes and I definitely learned from mine.

From dealing with a new social scene to academics to relationships, freshmen learn how to adapt to their new environment by making decisions.

 Junior Michelle Wittenberg, a nursing major, claimed her worst mistake was living in a dorm with a random stranger and followed that by saying her best decision was dating the man of her dreams. Clearly, these are different than my mistakes but equally as important.

Meanwhile, Robert Buster, who is planning on getting his degree in Digital Technology and Culture, explained how he wished he would have known that skipping classes and partying every night wasn’t a good way to get good grades. Despite being part of his downfall freshman year, Buster said living in the dorms was his best decision because he met many good friends.

Nicholas Mobely, a senior majoring in Marketing, also claimed that getting involved in different activities was the best decision he made as a freshman because it allowed him to meet many people. Mobely said his biggest mistake which was getting into a relationship while at college, because it took him away from meeting new friends and being active in his University.