The Best of Colgate

Colgate Campus

By Kate Archer

By Kate Archer
Unigo Campus Rep at Colgate University

1. Best Coffee - The Barge is the best place to grab a cup of coffee at Colgate. A wide variety of hot drinks and delicious eats combine with friendly service and good music to set the scene at this student favorite. Sarah, a junior at Colgate University, effectively illustrates the multi-purpose atmosphere of the Barge when asked what in particular she likes about this downtown Hamilton classic. “I love coming here with friends to relax with a cup of coffee, and it’s a great place to meet for a group project or study session. The free wireless internet access and dangerously comfortable leather couches seal the deal.” The Barge also plays host to a variety of performances and open-mic nights throughout the
year, serving as a gathering spot for all members of the community.      

Address: 37 Lebanon St.
Hamilton, NY 13346
(315) 824-4331

2. Best Place to Take a Date Without Going Broke - Looking for nice at a comfortable price? Look no further than La Iguana, Colgate’s new Mexican restaurant and tapas bar and the best new place to take a date without breaking your wallet. The downtown hotspot opened just this September and has breathed new life into the restaurant scene at Colgate while serving as a fun, relaxed venue for Colgate couples. La Iguana is a much needed addition to the scene; as senior Matt put it, “We needed an “in between” option. An invitation to the Colgate Inn can seem like too big of a deal, yet Slices is, apparently, not an okay place to take a   girl.” Go figure. Looking to ease those first-date   butterflies? The full bar offers a variety of remedies – but, be careful, the margaritas are deceivingly strong.  Trust me.  

Address: 10 Broad Street
Hamilton, NY 13346
(315) 824-0022

3. Best Place to Print - The Coop computer lab is the best place to print on campus, especially during the day when students are up the hill and trying to manage their time between classes. The space was renovated over the summer and is now fully equipped to handle a student’s every printing need. “I’m always at the Coop between classes to grab lunch and check my mail, and the fact that I can drop into the computer lab and print out everything I need for my next course makes my day so much easier,” asserts Matthew, a junior psychology major. Printing is free and the lab is always staffed with tech-savvy Colgate students ready to assist should anything go awry. 

4. Best Study Spot - Colgate’s Case Library easily took the prize for the best place to study on campus. The facilities are all brand new, thanks to the $57.5 million expansion and renovation that led up to its grand re-opening in the fall of 2007. Its five floors provide a mix of study environments; from the social, Starbucks-serving café on the top floor to the quiet, cubicle-laden ambiance of the fourth level, the library caters to all sorts of studiers. It is this variety of workspaces that draws Katie, a psychology major, to the library to study. “I love it here because I can come with friends, disappear into a cozy armchair with my work for a few hours, then meet up again for coffee in the café when I need a break.” The library is open until 2:00 a.m. every day, and there are two rooms on the fifth floor that remain open around the clock should the need for an all-nighter arise. Case Library truly has something for everyone, and its blending of technology and tradition gives Colgate students state of the art resources while maintaining that classic, collegiate feel.  (315) 228-7300.

5. Best Place to Nap - The Coop TV room is one of the best places to snag some shut-eye between classes. High-backed, velvety red couches give the room a homey feel and can easily be moved around or pushed into a corner for a customized nap experience. Samantha, a regular, cites comfort and convenience as her reasons for choosing the TV room as her go-to spot for pre-class power naps. “All you have to do is curl up in one of the comfy chairs or couches and it’s game over, lights out. And, since the Coop is up the hill and right near all the academic buildings, you can wake up five minutes before class and still be right on time.”

6. Best Parking Spot - Parking can be an issue on any college campus, and Colgate is no exception. There is parking at the bottom of the hill for students that live off-campus. However, this arrangement still leaves you with the sometimes painful task of tackling the incline on the way to class. Unless, of course, you’re Sarah, a senior who hit the parking jackpot. She won a spot at the Sigma Chi fraternity house, the only Greek Life organization that boasts a convenient, up-the-hill location, at a charity auction hosted by Konosioni, Colgate’s senior class honor society. “Being able to park here is amazing,” says Sarah. “Especially in the middle of winter. It’s right next to the academic buildings and makes my morning commute so much easier.” Such a prime location, however, has inevitably turned her into a one-woman carpool. “My roommates love it and I’m suddenly much more popular right around class time.” Guess you have to know who your true friends are – by the way, could I snag a ride?

7. Best Place to Work Out - Huntington Gym is the location of choice for Colgate students to work out. The two-story fitness center is well equipped to keep Colgaters in shape, but for those who resent clocking time on the treadmill, Huntington’s extensive facilities have something to offer everyone. Squash and racquetball courts are popular draws, and the large second floor gym is always buzzing with intra-mural, club, or pick-up basketball and volleyball games. If you’re looking for an alternative aerobic activity, the Angert Family Climbing Wall is open seven days a week, and Colgate’s Outdoor Education experts are there to show you the ropes. No pun intended. The Lineberry Natatorium, also attached to Huntington Gym, provides an aquatic option; not to worry: pool hours are posted so you’ll never unknowingly dive into D1 swim team practice. Mark, a regular at the Huntington facilities, speaks to his experience: “I come here to clear my head and take a break from work and the hundred others things I seem to do in a day. I’ll come by myself and get a good work out in at the fitness center, or grab a friend and jump into a basketball game on the second floor.” No matter your fitness preferences, Huntington gym is a great place for students to blow off some steam.    (315) 228-7055      

8. Best Place to Grab a Late Night Meal - The grill at the Coop, Colgate’s on-campus student center, is the best place to grab a late night meal. Chicken fingers and French fries are classic favorites for students, but there are also sandwiches and salads on hand for the health-conscious. Busy Colgaters with jam-packed schedules are grateful for an option where they can grab a later dinner and studiers stop by to re-fuel on breaks. Due to its proximity to underclassmen dorms, it also serves as a tempting pit stop for students headed back up the hill after a night on the town  Sophomore Monica notes that “everybody loves it here, the food is awesome, and you’ll always run into someone you know.” The Coop is filled with a constant flow of students during the day, and its continuous cuisine keeps the crowds coming well into the night.

9. Best On-Campus Job - Working in the mail center is one of the best on-campus jobs around here at Colgate University. To get a better idea of what the position entails, I spoke with Heather, a senior neuroscience major and pro mail van driver. “Working in the mail center is really a great opportunity for students to get involved. The hours are flexible, it pays well, and you get to drive an awesome van and deliver mail to all corners of campus.” The mail center is located in the Coop, Colgate’s student center, which makes it a fun and interactive place to work. Heather also spoke to the fulfilling nature of her line of work: “It’s sort of like Santa Claus, but we bring joy to our recipients all the time, not just one day a year.”                                                                   
10. Best Pizza - New York Pizzeria, affectionately known as “Slices” by all in the community, is definitely the best place around to grab a slice (or three) of pizza. Slices’ finest hour is probably around 2:00 AM, when the bars start to close and students start to feel that familiar craving they know so well. Its motto, “Slices Come Plain Only,” speaks for itself and can be seen adorning their brightly colored tee-shirts, a staple of every Colgate student’s wardrobe. If you want sausage and mushrooms, then, my friend, you’re going to have to order a pie. Don’t worry – you won’t be disappointed. Senior Andy is already anticipating separation anxiety when he graduates in the spring: “What am I going to do without Slices next year? They don’t make pizza like this at home.” And, after a brief pause, “Exactly how far do you think they’d deliver?”

 Address: 39 Lebanon St.
 Hamilton, NY 13346
 (315) 824-2112