The Best of Colorado State University

Colorado State University Campus

By Melissa Shock
By Melissa Shock
Unigo Campus Rep at CSU

The best place to grab a late night meal
Qudoba stays open late, and they're right next to the dorms, so it's the perfect after party place! Also, Silvermine subs delivers until about 3am. Plus, their sandwiches are delicious.

The best place to get coffee
Sweet Sinsations is the most popular coffee destination. They make mochas and lattes, but their line is always really long because it's a central location in the student center. I would recommend Cam's Corner Store because you can create your own blend, it’s cheaper and the line is a lot shorter!

The best place to exercise/work out
The Rec Center. It's really convenient because it's right on campus. They have basketball courts, circuit workouts and some treadmills have built-in televisions. What’s really nice are the free cardio classes, which include anything from exercise ball to hip hop and kickboxing. You can even "audition" to teach one of these classes if you’re really passionate about it.

The best place to take a nap between classes
The library! The quiet zone is the perfect location for a nap, and there are tons of comfy chairs everywhere, so no one will bother you.

The best restaurant to take your parents when they're visiting
I would say Hu Hut because it's something different (plus it's a little expensive so if they're fronting the bill it's perfect). You just load up your bowl with noodles, meat, veggies, and any concoction of their homemade sauces. You then give it to the cooks and they cook everything right in front of you. You can go back for seconds, thirds, fourths, etc...

The best place to take a date without breaking the bank
The Lyric Cinema. It only shows independent, artsy movies, and even serves beer! The chairs in the theater are more like comfy couches — made for two!

The best ethnic food
Thai Pepper.

The best place to watch a game
I would say CB and Potts. They have huge screens, a large bar and really good food and drink specials. The energy there is great!

The best place to go for all your printing needs (that's not the library)
This depends! Since I'm a business student I get free printing at Rockwell, the business lab. If you're not a business student I would recommend Gifford or Weber. Be sure to get there early because the labs fill up quickly.

The best place on campus to get some sun
Hands down, the Oval. It’s in the middle of “old campus and is absolutely beautiful. Dozens of trees create a nice atmosphere. You can look around at all the historic buildings — one of the most popular being the president's office.

The best under 21 night spot
Sundance on Sundays. It's 18 and up. It has a huge dance floor and encourages line dancing. It always has prizes and even a mechanical bull. When I was a freshman, I went with all my new friends. We dressed up in jeans, boots and cowboy hats and had a great time laughing at each other attempting to go along to all the line dances.

The best place for parking
Ugh. Don't get me started on parking. If you live in the dorms,- you’ll have a designated parking lot, but don't let this fool you. There are a limited amount of spots, so try to park your car on the weekend and leave it there all week. Since a lot of kids go home over the weekends, it gets pretty empty. If you don't live on campus and will only be on campus for a few hours, I would recommend the meters. It’s a dollar an hour, so any longer than that I would suggest parking in the streets on the north side of campus. Otherwise, you'll buy an overpriced parking pass and have to park clear on the other side of campus. (I did it one year and had to leave 30-40 minutes before class). If any of this doesn't sound appealing to you, GO GREEN. Ride your bike or take the bus. This is super convenient and good for you.

The following were voted "Best of CSU" this semester by students:
Place to Rock Climb: Horsetooth
Ski Resort: Winterpark
Place to run: Horsetooth
Auto Service: Grease Monkey
To camp: Poudre Canyon
Bookstore: Barns and Noble
Nail and Hair Salon: Trios
Mexican: Cafe Mexicali
Excuse: My Dog ate it
Breakfast: the Egg and I
Movie Theatre: Cinemark
On Campus Lunch: Spoons
Art Gallery: Curfman Gallery
Coffee: Starbucks
Place to dance: Sundance
Radio Station: 90.5 (Student Run)
News source: Collegian
Bagel: Gibs
Wings: Jim's Wings
Hangout between classes: Ramskeller
Pub/Bar: Road 34
Sandwich: Pickle Barrel
Pizza: Pizza Casbah
Juice Bar: Jamba Juice
Burger: 5 Guys Burger
Health: Rec Center
Ethnic: Hu Hut
Live Music: Aggie Theater
Romantic: Melting Pot
Vegetarian: Rainbow
Bike: Lee's Cycles
Sports Bar: CB and Potts
Piercing/Tattoo: Freakshow
Italian: Bisettis
Asian: Suehiros
Bar with Beer: Old Chicago's
Ice Cream: Walrus
Best restaurant to take your parents to: Austin's
Margaritas: The Rio
Outdoor Store: Jax
Local Brewery: New Belgium